UPDATE: Upon being notified by Jules that the FBI was involved and contacting the ACLU, the site was taken down. Every voice counts.

(Trigger: RRPTSD)

Jules of What The Jules has brought to light that there is a blog on wordpress that teaches men how to

“correct […] women […] with rape.”

This blog will

 “teach you how to rape harlots and get away with it scot-free.”

It has been reported. Multiple times. WordPress has been contacted about it. Multiple times. And still nothing. It is still up, it is still coming up in searches when rape survivors are looking for resources and support. It is still teaching and encouraging men to rape. That rape “plays such a vital role in society.”

So Why does WordPress continue to do nothing
So Why does WordPress continue to do nothing

Now, if you’re thinking that yes, this is disgusting, but “what does it matter, its just a blog, right?” No, it is not just a blog. It is a place for rapist to find support from one another, to feel justified, to delude themselves into thinking they are holy warriors as this one so clearly has. It is also a place where young men, teenagers, boys, your brother, your son, can read and develop the opinion or begin to wonder if maybe this is actually what should be done, what is right.

Thoughts lead to words. Words lead to actions.
Thoughts lead to words. Words lead to actions.

Not my boy. He knows better than that. Does he? We live in a society where we police what is appropriate for women and girls to wear, how to act. Have you ever said, She shouldn’t be wearing that or That’s too short or That’s too tight? This blog offers a “solution” for a woman or girl who does anything from takes selfies, uses Tindr, is a feminist or denies a man sex.

We (read it YOU) need to speak up on this. YOU cannot let this stand. This is not a free speech issue. You can’t yell fire in a building, even if there is a fire, because it is a greater danger to those in the building. This is a danger to all of society. To all of the billions of women and children you do not know, and  to every woman and child you DO know. NO ONE is safe from this group. NO ONE is safe from its individuals.

Raise your voice
Raise your voice

Speak up. Demand WordPress remove the blog The Philosophy of Rape by reporting it HERE.  Write to your local news agency about it. Report it to the FBI at FBI TIPS because this IS illegal.

Whatever you do, don’t remain silent.


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