The Time Has Come! Register To Vote!

I shall refrain from reciting The Walrus and The Carpenter, the time has come to talk of one thing. Voting. Yes, that. Today is National Voter Registration Day! It has its own day dammit, so do it. Can’t you say? Well, if you’re reading this on a screen, you can. Go to Register Online At RockTheVote.Com You can even do it on your phone (well, most likely. Not all phones are created equal. Don’t get me started on mine)

If you prefer more traditional, well, paper methods, you can usually find a Voter Registration Form at your local DMV, Post Office, Library, and campus Student Centers. If your local grocery store has a post office situated inside, you can try there too. Here’s the official list from USA.Gov’s Voting Guide

      •State or local voter registration and/or election offices
      •The department of motor vehicles
      •Public assistance agencies
      •Armed services recruitment centers
      •State-funded programs that serve people with disabilities
      •Any public facility that a state has designated as a voter registration agency

If you want to check if you’re already registered, learn about any voter ID laws in your state, visit government or state legislative sites, visit The Federal Voting Assistance Program Website

I implore you to visit all of these websites.
Get informed. Be empowered. Vote.


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