Aah-mazing Chicken!

Last night I had a spark of genius! Genius I say! After a moment of “I sure hope this works” Chicken crusted with nuts. Yeah, that’s not new. But it was mixed nuts. Emerald Sweet and Salty Cinnamon Sugar Roasted nuts. Yeah, really hoped it would work. And ooo boy it did. Had it on a salad with cranberries and Strawberry Vinaigrette. It was delicious plain. And I bet it’d be great with rice or meifun and some peppers and other veggies for something Thai. And it want it, now.

All you do is this:

  • Fill a sturdy ziploc or ziploc-esque  bag with the nuts. Now mash those fuckers till they’re fine. Almonds tend to need a good thwap with a rolling pin before playing along. (1) Do this until you think you have enough (2) If you have a strong arm lying around the house coughcoughHUSBANDcoughcough ooh dear excuse me, that was dreadful 😉 If you have a strong arm lying around the house, who also wishes to be fed, have them do it. Tell them to pretend its their boss.(3)
  • Beat an egg (sure is violent around here)
  • Butterfly a large chicken breast. Then cut into strips. I cut those strips in half along their side so they’d cook quicker.
  • Now dip strips into egg to coat, then coat with your nuts nut mixture
  • Cook on medium heat in some canola oil until cooked through but still moist. DRY CHICKEN IS BAD! If you want, set on some paper towels to let some of the oil run off. TADAA! Yum! Crunchy bits in the pan are good too, albeit not so healthy I suppose ^^;
  1. A cutting board underneath may be recommended but, my “counter” is a piece of particle board covered with paper that’s supposed to make me think it’s granite. Oh and it only has two legs, the rest of its propped up by the pipes of our water heater. Sad but true. 
  2.  I thought I had enough, but egg and nuts really like to clump together and not always on the chicken. Go figure. So I had to smash some more nuts (at 10:30pm, I’m sure my neighbors loved me, but it’s ok because I love them….and you can’t file a noise complaint until after 11:00pm. >> )
  3.  Look! They’re helping out, you get to bond, and you saved yourself paying for an anger management session ;D

I’d show you a picture but I  ate it :< ….. :>


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