Yeah, So, About That

So, I created this blog a long time ago. Don’t ask me when, I don’t know. Just that it was a long ass time ago, like last year (for starters) I think maybe around oooooh, lets say November/December. Bad enough, I turn myself in.

Welp, I think I’m going to slowly start hacking at it, well, building really, as there’s nothing to hack at :cough:

But first I must go make my husband dinner as it is now… 9:56pm (yes, I typed that right) and he is supposed to get of at 10:30. So hopefully I can wash the dishes as well so I’m not overwhelmed tomorrow by a building pile of “WASH ME!” and then the preceding build up to panic and ‘oh I’m drowning in dishes and things to do.” You know how it goes.

Side note: I wish I would stop spelling “know” as “now”


“paid a bill” as “payed a bill” <-turns out I’ve been unknowingly spelling that one wrong for months.

Okay, Ta!



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