The Goober That Got Me, and Got Away

[Forgotten Queued post] Honeymoon Escapades: the Goober That Got Me, and Got Away

While honeymooning, I got stung by a jellyfish. Romantic I know. It was on our last day, at sunset. The ocean was a metallic blue, and the sky was pink. I was enjoying myself… And then I was not. ;D the next day on the way back home we stopped at an E.R. The doctor gave me an rx for steroids, pain killers, and anti itch meds. And told me to put vinegar on it. (I smelled wonderful of course) we got home, I said I don’t want to have scheduled steroids and set the rx aside. I said pain meds are always appreciated and set that aside. Finally I said this anti itch med may cause problems with my asthma, and tore it up. _Fast forward 6 days after my sting. I’m having an insomniac moment and am up till 4. The sting starts to itch. I scratch. It burns so I scratch more… _Wake up next morning, I am incredibly swollen, itch burn and blood red with purple stripes. I take the steroids, and say why, god, why did I tear up that rx for anti itch meds? _Fast forward 4 days later. The sting is flattish, but red with a yellow ring, concerning me of course, and the steroids are almost out. So I research jellyfish that live near the beach we went to. I find this guy. I saw them in deeper waters earlier on our honeymoon, and all I can say now is, he’s actually kinda cute…


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