Veni, Vidi, Vici

I took being Chronically Awesome to a new level. I did some awesome shit. I did this entire rope course, (this is only one tiny section) which is 2 stories up, and I am afraid of heights. I got myself to step off a ledge onto a rope and walk across the gap. The ones I had trouble doing, like swinging from one loop to the next, I did a second time, and I did it better and faster. I impressed my husband, and myself. I was hot and sweaty, but I was proud and happy, and wanting more. My next step now that I’m back home from the honeymoon is to find a local rope course. I can do something, and I can do it well, maybe even better than my husband who has done all sorts of extreme sports and was in the army. Not only am I Chronically Awesome, I’m Chronically Bad Ass 😉


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